Vietcong Diary Entry

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January 31, 1968

Dear Diary,
I’m writing to you because I just got the word that 19 Vietcong guerillas attacked South Vietnam’s embassy. As the President of the United States, I am very concerned about South Vietnam and all the Americans there at this time. Additionally, I am worried about how this will be portrayed to the Americans on the homefront through the media. I understand that South Vietnam and the Vietcong were in a “cease-fire” or a time where both sides agree to stop the fighting for a little while. I have been told that the Vietcong had hidden weapons throughout Saigon and attacked the second night of Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. When the Vietcong entered the embassy there was a stand off fight for about six hours in complete darkness. I really hope all the American troops in the embassy and around Saigon are safe now. I heard that we were able to stop the Vietcong from gaining control and also that U.S. soldiers were able to end the fight. I am very proud of all of the U.S. Soldiers, and Marines that have helped to stop the Vietcong from gaining control of the embassy. I also understand that many Americans are shocked by the attack in Saigon, they all
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planes, guns, and heavy artillery out of the battle, in order to hopefully save some of Hue. However, when the war started getting very serious, South Vietnam gave us permission to start bombing, so I gave the go ahead. I am really hopeful that we will be able to rebuild the city of Hue up back to it’s prior glory. I am very sad for South Vietnam, being that a lot of their precious treasures were destroyed in all of the fighting. Eventually, after we had been fighting for four weeks, the Communists, North Vietnam had retreated. I am so delighted that we were able to help South Vietnam take down the Vietcong during the Battle of Hue, and also that South Vietnam could tear down Vietcong flags and raise their own
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