Vietnam War And Poverty Essay

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What is the connection between one of the texts we read and your I-Cubed topic? How were you inspired by the text? The connection between the book, The Things They Carried and Veteran Poverty is evident: There is a large correlation to the physical and mental aspects of war that have plagued U.S. veterans from returning to normal lives. In the book, the Vietnam War is explored and the stories of the men are displayed as though we were there to witness them. This shows just how real and how traumatizing these events can be. However, the connection between the two highlights the fact that war leads to poverty as well as PTSD. Throughout every major war, once the soldiers have returned it has been increasingly hard for them to start their life…show more content…
In this essay I want to portray the message of how many veterans of war are being left to fend for themselves when they return home, and struggle to restart their lives. I want to demonstrate the fact that Veterans are suffering with economic and PTSD, and they will continue to do so until drastic changes are made. I would address the United States Government-specifically the department of domestic affairs- thus hoping to change the current situation as quickly as possible, due to the fact that the branch that this essay is directed towards have an enormous amount of power. The research I will present will be based off the plethora of U.S. census data; indicating that the problem at hand is one that the government has verified. As well as using data to support poverty, I will gather sources from other wars such as Iraq to show how this poverty among veterans has entered a domino effect. Medical records would also be an effective way of showing the correlation between poverty and PTSD. This is because in the war in Iraq there were over 170,000 documented cases of PTSD. Lastly the tone within this essay will be firm and direct. This is because when talking to the government the ideas within the text must be clear and concise. By using a specific tone the stress of the argument is much more important and can help prove a point or destroy one as
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