Vietnam War Dbq

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It was 1965 and the first U.S. troops were landing in South Vietnam, there were 3,500 U.S. Marines added to the already 25,000 advisers in the country. This war would define how we view life for decades and generations. Most people thought it was a mistaken war with no purpose other than to stop the flow of communism in Asia and the fear of others would follow, and add to the strength of the Soviet Union during the height of the cold war. Some people turned the war into a racist battle ground to justify the uprising and protest against the war. The troops were poorly armed and on average fought 240 days a year when compared to WW2 with only 40 days a year for infantrymen. One out of ten people in Vietnam was a casualty which leads to the 58,000 dead and rising in Vietnam. The 21 first century was defined by this war, which resulted into the carelessness in our defense of our country. We were pulling out of countries and some of them were retaliating and painted a target on the U.S.”s back. Our generation would not be the same without this defining war of a new age.
It was a long, grueling war that lasted a decade with over 3 million casualties and 58,00 being U.S. troops which was seen as
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stands for a country divided can always come together. Today we realize our mistakes for yelling at soldiers who fought in Vietnam for they were protecting our values that we take for granted today. This generation showed that you may not like doing something but you have to do it for the sake of the nation even though everyone disagrees with you it is your duty to hold your ground. This generation defines what it means to be an American today. It means to be free and to stand your ground when everybody tells you no. They should be thanked for their service no matter their part. They are what shaped the new age of war and what defines are American values today. And that’s all I have to say about
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