Vietnam War Experience

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American Experience of the Vietnam War
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The Vietnam War was an experience for all Americans and it lasted a period of twenty painful years. The American military took a great amount of knowledge and lessons from the war in regards to their involvement in the Vietnam War, lessons that history cannot replace. The war stands as one of the defining events of the twentieth century. The war continues through the international system after nearly four decades after its end. Even though the emotional impact of this war have somewhat eased, the war still haunts the American imagination and has a major influence in the domestic politics, intellectual life and culture
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Cabinet members’ appointments also held a unique partnership and style of leadership. President Eisenhower to Nixon gave their own unique style of handling negotiations so as to win the Vietnam War. President Eisenhower and Kennedy rallied around on foreign aid to South Vietnam as a way of training the military hoping that this would prove to be an effective leadership decision in changing the direction of the war. Aid was sent to South Vietnam by President Johnson in the form of military…show more content…
This lack of experience among the troops also left a sense of cohesiveness within the unit. The inability of President Johnson to admit defeat in Vietnam probably made it impossible for him to be elected as a U.S president for the second term. Studying history therefore allows us to learn from our mistakes and change the direction taken during the next major conflict within our nation. The lessons learnt in Vietnam have developed the U.S military force to its present state since military and government leaders are now able to review past military failures and successes but most importantly their reason for failing.
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