Vietnam War Ineffective

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The Vietnam War lasted for 20 years (1955-1975), more than 2 million lives were lost. 3 million people were wounded, and thousands of children were left orphans. The war destroyed both North and South Vietnam.
In my opinion, war is, unnecessary and useless. We must strive towards peace and harmony not violence. Wars are destructive. Blood shed is unnecessarily. The Vietnam War affected many troops as well as ordinary civilians.
What happened on 31 January 1968?
31 January 1968, 70,000 North Vietnamese and Vietcong forces launched attacks on more than 100 towns in South Vietnam. This attack went against the two-day ceasefire, which both sides had vowed to observe around Tet – the Vietnamese Lunar New. The Vietcong soldiers stormed the towns
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According to Indochina Newsletter, Asia Resource Center (Special Issue 93-97), the U.S. government spent $350 billion to $900 billion on the Vietnam War. Not only was blood and money wasted but the news of violence weakened the American people’s faith and confidence in their governments. There was a widespread public distrust of the government. Taxes were increased and the people's morale was extremely low. The use of herbicides did not only destroy the Vietnam's natural environment, it also caused numerous health problems which lasted for years. The Vietnam War also played a huge role in American films such as Taxi Driver (1976) and Coming Home (1978) that dealt with exposing the brutality and difficulty of the…show more content…
Two months later, the American public learned of the My Lai massacre when a journalist exposed the story. All the reports and photographs were published. The My Lai massacre increased anti-war awareness and increased questions about the type of men being employed into the army.
The Army charged 25 officers, including Lieutenant Calley and Captain Medina, for the massacre and its cover-up.
My Lai had a lasting impact on the war-weary American public. Demands to withdraw from Vietnam continued to grow. A movement against U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War began amongst peace activists, students, and members of the hippie movement. Anti-war marches received huge support in early 1968 after the successful Tet Offensive by North Vietnamese troops. As the casualties grew, disillusionment began. The news of the Tet Offensive, was received with shock and unhappiness across the nation and started the biggest period of anti-war protests.
The biggest effect of the Vietnam War was the loss of lives and many more wounded. Both countries were ruined.
More poverty, suffering continued for years afterward and I just think that when countries go to war, there is no winner because of all the pain and suffering that occurred during and after the
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