Vietnam War Letter To Home Summary

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General Westmoreland claims that at first American troops were not meant to be in direct combat but the realization that Vietnam was not going to fix itself occurred. Tactics had to change the environment of Vietnam was different than any war in the recent past. American troops had to be trained to be able to effectively fight. Westmoreland had to know that fighting the Vietnamese was not going to be easy or fast that is why he called for better training programs. In soldiers letter to home they describe why American troops have to be present in Vietnam. The Vietcong are being ruthless to the people of Vietnam. They will beat and kill women and children without reason. American troops are also being killed in brutal ways. The downfall of fighting such a ruthless enemy is that…show more content…
America only needed minor change at the time to make it an ideal place. Kennan compares the student left to real politics that actually take place. He admires the student’s sense of wanting what is right but he sees it as to impulsive and he feels that the students think that they are privileged to change. He claimed that the student’s way of demanding will never work; breaking the law to demand change will not change anything. To a point the students and the left don’t really have another choice. They are not going to back down any not let change happen. The change they wanted could have been benefited America. The students just needed to be taken seriously, their intensions were good but the way change could be made was not in their power. Both of the songs express how the rich and powerful are sending young men to war, while their sons get to say home. Most people have to go to war when they are selected. Bob Dylan calls politicians masters of war; they are ordering the construction of gun, bombs, and planes that are meant to increase war efforts not trying to stop them. Both songs revolve around hate for the politicians that are creating the
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