Vietnam War Songs

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Many songs were created during the Vietnam War, many were pro-war and many were anti-war. Most of the lyrics in this song make it obvious that this song is meant to protest the war, especially the lines that say "War, huh, yeah, What is it good for, Absolutely nothing". This song attempts to portray the war as completely negative by focusing on everything that is lost during, or because of the war. One of the sections of the song that really stands out to me is the part that says "War means tears, To thousands of mothers eyes, When their sons go to fight, And lose their lives." I believe that this section of this song is really powerful because it carries a lot of emotion. It allows the listener to imagine the pain that a mother feels when she loses her son, and by saying "thousands of…show more content…
The Truman Doctrine stated that the United States would aid countries which were threatened by communism. According to the Domino Theory if one country fell into communism, a domino effect would occur, causing many other countries to fall into communism. The line that says "we must fight to keep our freedom," is referring to the fact that many believed we had to fight the war in Vietnam to prevent communism to spreading to the US, and the song disputes this logic with the line "but Lord knows there 's got to be a better way". This song answers the question "How does war affect the individual?" with the lines "war, has shattered, Many a young man 's dreams, Made him disabled, bitter and mean". These lines explain how a soldier can be changed in the war, both mentally and physically. I agree with the message in this song. I believe that there is other ways to resolve many of the issues that cause wars. These other ways might be troublesome and hard to imagine, but if there is a way to prevent the loss of lives and the pain that wars bring to many, then we must try to find this other
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