Vietnamese Coffee Culture Case Study

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One of the advantages of Vietnamese coffee manufacturers, exporters is the coffee culture of the Vietnamese people. Vietnam is a country with a high ratio of coffee users, which contributes to the competitive strength and appreciating properly the quality of domestic products, enhance competitiveness on the world market. At present, the Government and most of the consumers are trying to promote the consumer development through the policy "Vietnamese used Vietnamese goods". That is an advantage for Trung Nguyen when competing with multinational corporations in Vietnam. Moreover, households with Internet connections are no longer limited to urban areas. Approximately half of rural families have Internet access and the rise of Internet connections is two or three times higher than in urban areas. This conclusion rejects the notion that digital marketing should be given priority in urban areas. In addition, households with Internet connections contribute 83% of the value chain…show more content…
With the industrialization and modernization, information technology has been growing strongly, which is a great leap forward for Vietnamese science, contributing to the success of innovation in general and economic thinking renovation process in particular. It can be said that its great impact on the economy is marketing activities in many aspects. The evolution of the Internet has changed the consumer’s habits. In addition to the traditional media such as television, newspapers, online marketing has been developing, bringing high efficiency for businesses. The Internet has become a revolution in the information society, Internet applications are increasingly explored in activities catering to the needs of people, from the study, leisure to shopping, management activities, promotion, product launch and brand awareness maintenance. Trung Nguyên could take advantages of the internet to advertise, update information as well as promote brand

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