Vietnamese Oil Painting: Based On Vietnamese Oil Painting

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My critical and historical assignment theme is based on Vietnamese oil painting. I have found out that oil painting is not originated from Vietnam, but Vietnamese artist through times have develop oil panting skills and techniques to a different stage. Therefore my intension is to thoroughly analyse the painting processes and techniques of Vietnamese oil painting during the period of war to the development of the Socialist republic of Vietnam (1960-1976) and I will compare two painting from this period with two contemporary works by artist Phan Thu Trang. I have an amazing opportunity to work and study with Ms. Phan Thu Trang a famous oil painting artist in Vietnam. She was born in 1981, Hanoi. And she is well known on a lot of art website, for example: Pondly, Hong Kong Fine Art or Gallery Blossom. In my opinion the reason why her works are so standout and special is because her choice of colors are soft and feminine, but the most important is each of her painting has a theme to it, she always sectioned out her work theme, for example: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each section has it signifying tone of color such as: spring is mint, pastel, light green; summer is red, orange; autumn is yellow, gold, light green, and pastel orange; winter is all shades of blue such as: Alice blue, Baby blue, blue-gray, azure, brandies blue, cobalt blue, columbia blue, cornflower blue,… In my own preference, I think Phan mix her colors is very analogical, not like others artist. But

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