Vijay Tendulkar Analysis

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the plays of vijay tendulkar :a study chapter-i janardhanreddy .k Art is an inevitable part of human culture. Art is knowledge coupled with emotions. Human interest in art has been eternal and this eternity has made man civilized and cultured. Art is concerned with expression and man expresses himself through various forms of art. In literary criticism, art is broadly divided into two types-Fine Arts and other than fine arts. The function of fine arts is to afford pleasure while other arts satisfy human needs. Architecture, Sculpture, Music and Poetry are Fine Arts. Drama is also included in fine arts. Other literary forms find expression in statement, but drama finds expression in acting. Drama is held in a high position right from the early times or man’s history. As Aristotle points out in Poetics, Drama is a superior form of literature as it has…show more content…
In ‘Kanyadaan’, Tendulkar deals with the emotional upheavals of family. In the background of domestic violence, he exposes the horrors of Dalit psyche. In the play ‘Friend’s Story’, he makes a dramatic representation of the lesbian issue. In association with Karnad, he challenged the dramatic tradition of well-made play. His dramatic art is an amalgam of various traditions like naturalism, expressionism, folk theatre along with the reflections of journalistic trends. Karnad’s “Tughlaq” and Mohan Rakesh’s “Adlure” have also been translated by him. His main concern for the middle classes is that all people should have better place, better homes and better family in the society. Vijay Tendulkar symbolizes the new awareness. His achievements have been recognized both in India and abroad. V.S. Naipaul considers him an India’s best playwright of times. Winner of several national and International awards and fellowships, he is both a Venerated and a Controversial figure in the Modern Indian theatre
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