Vijay Tendulkar's Silence ! The Court Is In Session

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“Silence! The Court is in Session” is a play written by Vijay Tendulkar, originally in Marathi. The play is a wonderful example of the view that the male dominated society has on the women, and on how the society judges them in a very unfair manner, victimizing them, with double standards and pseudo virtues. Vijay Tendulkar portrays his strong view on how evil the society can be towards a particular sect of the population, based on nothing but generalizations and ancient traditions that have been carried through without any introspection. The play revolves around a group of amateur theatre artists who are a part of the “Sonar Moti Tenement (Bombay) Progressive Association” or the “SMTPA.” This is a group that raises awareness of various important issues through court room scenarios. In the play, the group meet to perform a mock trial protesting against the use of atomic weapons. In the beginning of the first act, we are introduced to two characters, namely Ms Leela Benare, an unmarried school teacher, and Samant, a young mild mannered man who earns “enough to keep body…show more content…
Benare hides behind the door and startles the new arrivals by booing them. I’d first like to mention the Kashikars. The Kashikars are a married couple indulged in a lot of social work. They have no kids. One noticeable thing about the play is how the Surname of Mrs Kashikar is never shown. Mrs Kashikar, the wife, is shown as a lady oppressed by her husband. The way how she is only referred to as Mrs Kashikar shows how the patriarchal society discards the importance of women once they are married. This is further emphasised by how Mr Kashikar continuously puts her down, treating her in a downwardly manner. Mr Kashikar, on the other hand, is shown to be the chairman of the group. A man with a sense of great sense importance, Mr Kashikar seems to be a man who likes things being done his way. He is shown to bully his wife a
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