Vijay Tenduulkar's Sakharam Binder

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Since Independence – since 1950, to be precise – the name of Vijay Tendulkar has been in the forefront of the Marathi drama and stage.His personality both as man and writer is multifaceted.Vijay Tendulkar is the most eminent and creative dramatist among the modern Marathi Playwrights. His plays Sakharam Binder and Ghashiram Kotwal created a storm in society and at the same time he won the highest award in the field of dramatics, on an all India level for his play Silence! The Court is in Session . His literary tendency can be observed through his numerous articles, short stories and one-act plays. Though his eyes are focussed on the middle class, his chief targets are the human mind, the way of life and the complexities there in. Most of the Tendulkar’s plays are the studies in violence,…show more content…
Sakharam Binder is probably Tendulkar’s most naturalistic play, as Arundhati Banerjee puts it. The play grew around the central character Sakharam, a binder who became the antithesis of the ideal view of his caste, that is Brahman. As he was treated badly by his orthodox parents he started behaving in the opposite way. He speaks vulgar language drinks liquor smokes cigars and indulges in mechanical Sex . He hates the traditional system of marriage and brings home cast–off Women whom he does not keep with him long . Thus Laxmi is the seventh woman to live with him when he becomes impotent owing to the presence of Laxmi , he also takes it on his women by kicking Laxmi and by strangling Champa to death. He does not know that he treats his women more cruelly than a cruel husband. Laxmi says : “ It is a year now since I entered this house. I haven’t had a single day’s rest., whether I’m sick or whether it’s a festival day. Nothing but work, work : work all the time. You torture me the whole day, you torture me at night . I’ll drop dead one of these days and that will be the end. ( 146)

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