Vijaya Bank Case Study

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NATURE OF BUSINESS CARRIED: Vijaya Bank provides innovative and attractive products and services to the customer. The bank offer several latest technology products and services such as ATMs, cash deposit machines, Debit and Credit cards, internet banking, mobile banking, phone banking, Funds transfer to RTGS and NEFT.They also provide Demat and Rupay card services to its customer. VISION AND MISSION: The Bank vision is to build strong sound and globally competitive financial system. Providing innovative service and adopting the latest technology to all segment of customer. The Bank mission is to emerge as a prime national banked by modern technology meeting customer aspiration with professional banking services and sustained growth contributing to national development. QUALITY POLICY: •…show more content…
Retail Lending Schemes B. Government Sponsored Scheme C. Special Scheme for woman A. Retail lending scheme: There is different retail lending scheme of Vjaya Bank are as follows: 1. Housing loan: An individual get the loan construction, purchase, and renovation, improvement of house or flat. The eligibility of individual between 21 to 65 years and there is no limit of loan amount. The bank rate of interest is 9.65 %( base rate). 2. Vehicle loan: This loan will be given for Purchase a new cars, two wheelers or second hand vehicle not more than 5 years and the repayment period is maximum 84 month. The rate of interest is 10.05% p.a. 3. Personal loan: Personal loan is for meeting the short term credit needs. It may eligible for salaried person and pensioners, the age limit are 21-55 year and 72 for pensioners. Maximum amount 6 lacks with 4.05 interest for salaried person and 2 lacks with 3.05 interest for pensioners. 4. Jewel loan: Individual of all income groups are eligible, the loan amount based on daily price of bank. The margin is prescribed 25 to 33% and loan period is 12 month or operative limit is 24 month. 5. Loan for
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