Viking Services Case Study

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Types of Businesses That Should Consider Hiring Viking Services Doing the laundry is an exhausting and time-consuming process. This is especially true for commercial establishments that handle a huge volume of laundry on a day-to-day basis. But with the products and services from Viking Services, you can automate your laundry system to a certain extent. You get things cleaned up with just a push of a button or two. Get excellent and reliable commercial dryer service and commercial washer service in one stop. What is great about Viking Services is that they work with honesty, integrity and high quality. The laundry system they install is energy efficient. Regardless of the space available, they can design an extraordinary system that will meet…show more content…
All the bed linens, pillow cases, towels, and bathrobes have to be washed after each use. There are also curtains, table cloths, napkins and other linens that must be laundered as well. Load after load of laundry has to be washed and dried in-house, resulting in huge time commitment and resources going down the drain. Hotels and resorts are also responsible for high water and energy consumption. But you don't need to outsource laundry operations with the help of Viking Services. They offer custom-designed commercial washer and dryer service using energy efficient and water-saving…show more content…
We might have failed to mention that Viking Services specializes in finding and repairing hard-to-fix problems. • Access to various parts needed for repairs One of the reasons that repair specialists give you when they can't fix a problem is the lack of spare parts, whether its washer parts or dryer parts. This may be true for old washer and dryer units, where source for parts has become limited making them hard to find. But this isn't reason enough not to try. Vikings Services can help. The company has access to any parts needed for repairs, such as washer parts, main pump, lift-out turntable, dryer parts and many others. This is why they can guarantee 96% on-time project completion. Moreover, they have expert repair technicians to fix the problems once and for all. • Extensive knowledge on laundry systems As a premier contractor in commercial laundry services, Viking Services has the expertise and knowledge to fix old and new washer and dryer units. With an experience that spans for nearly two decades, they have seen it all, fixed it tall and handled it all. So yes, Viking Services is likely to have the capacity to fix whatever problem is plaguing your laundry

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