How Did The Viking Slave Trade Affect Early Medieval Ireland

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Viking activity in Ireland is synonymous with two of the Vikings most prominent activities, consistent raiding and slavery, often interlinked with each other. However despite being quite heavily associated with the Vikings, slavery was still evident in pre-Viking Ireland, though often deemed rare and unusual when it happened. However during the Viking dominance in 9th century Ireland, slave trading became systematic and very common. This systematic slave trade was established over time as raiding and slavery became more prevalent in Ireland, by reviewing the course and establishment of Viking slave trade we can assess the impact The Viking Slave Trade had on the early medieval Ireland.
Evidence of slavery before Viking Ireland is sparse,
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With Irish slave owners beginning to abduct and obtain people as not just retaliatory means against the Scandinavian forces but also other Irish, not just for personal slavery but for sale as well. With several events where Irish clans would take hundreds of slaves, such as Uí Néill who captured as many as “twelve hundred” in a raid in 1031 and Ardgar mac Lochlainn in 1059 and 1062 taking 200 and 1,000 captives, respectively. This Irish slave trade developed further in the 11th century when Viking raids declined, probably due to peaceful Viking settlement in Dublin and as peaceful slave trade began. It is even suggested that the Irish slave trade became incredibly large and even contributed massively to the Scandinavian slave trade, with most of the captives from Irish-on-Irish raids being directly funnelled into the Scandinavian slave trade in Dublin. Eventually, the Irish slave trade succeeded the established Viking slave trade in the 11th century, as evident from the evolution of the Viking, followed by Irish raids. With Viking raids becoming less prominent and the Vikings becoming perhaps more reliable on Irish slave trade as opposed to their

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