Vikings's Influence On English Language

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First: Celts, Second: Romans, Third: Anglo Saxons, Fourth: Vikings, Fifth: Normans.

The celts invaded Britian around 700 BC, they didn’t reallt put much influence on the English language. A few lakes and river names comes from the Celts; -Avon and –Thame are examples of ending names.

The Romans settled in Britain and built fortresses and houses of course. They also built the famous 117 kilometeres long Hadrians’ wall to protect their civilazation. The romans didn’t really put much influence in the English language either, but they did ‘’give’’ English some words. They also had more influence on English than the Celts. Also cities ending with –chester comes from the Romans, Manchester and Winchester for example.

Anglo Saxons invaded Britian after The Romans did their thing there. Anglo Saxons consisted of germanic tribes from Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands. They gave a lot of words to the English language and they were the first to put a fairly big influence on English. A few English words that comes from the Anglo Saxons are: Get, leg, is.

The first Vikings arrived in Britian in 793, well that was when they started to invade Britain at least. As the Anglo Saxons, the Vikings also stayed in Britain for a good while. The Vikings didn’t influence English as much as the Anglo Saxons, but they did give English around 900 words. Theres also still more than 1500 place names in England, that has its origin from the Vikings. A few examples of English words that comes

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