Frankl's Logotherapy

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Viktor Emil Frankl (1905-1997), Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, and survivor of the Holocaust, was the founder of logotherapy.
After correspondence with Freud at a young age and consequently meeting him, publishing an article in Adler’s International Journal of Individual Psychology and having used the term logotherapy for the first time in a public lecture, Frankl went on to be a part of a ward for suicidal women at a psychiatric hospital and even opened his own practice. However, shortly thereafter, Hitler invaded Austria which resulted in Frankl and his family being taken to a concentration camp. ( It was during his experiences in the concentration camps that he gained insight into the significance of living a life of meaning. He observed that those who survived the brutality of the holocaust were often those who had a deeper sense of meaning or purpose, for example in his own case, reuniting with his wife and rewriting his manuscript that had been lost, kept him from giving up on life. (" ( Thus, his experiences in the Nazi concentration camps allowed for his notion of logotherapy to grow and had a significant influence on his work. Frankl went on
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Such meaning is, however, specific to each individual and therefor differs from person to person as well as from moment to moment, and each person has a responsibility to find and fulfil their meaning… ( (Man’s search for meaning) Thus, Frank acknowledges that every person is a unique individual, and must each find their own unique meaning in life.
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