Nothingness: A Short Story

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Darkness consumed. It roamed the nothingness with a hunger, devouring all those who spoke against it. There was no sound, sight, touch or smell. Only the dark. Then suddenly from out of the darkness came light, burning away all that was. The once-bleak realm was purged until nothing remained, now it was a true void, a true nothingness. The process could now begin. The space began to slowly but surely fill, from silence there was now sound. A rhythmic chanting pulling something forth from this realm and into another. The being was pouring forth into the next place now, a torrent of destructive and powerful energy trying to simultaneously create and destroy. It ached to expand, to belong and to own. It rushed outwards, wishing to spread its…show more content…
Do you know who you are?" Once more the being projected negativity but also mixed it with curiosity. He was ravenous for knowledge, all former discomfort at the closeness of the old man was gone, the being was far to busy wishing desperately to know what or who it was. It wanted to own an identity, to belong within itself. "Your name is Viktor Griesricht, and you are my son." The being now known as Viktor was pleased with his new identity. He didn't know why but he wished to belong. He liked his father, he seemed kind. The older man now removed his hood prompting the others to do the same, they then introduced themselves, his father's name turned out to be Franz Griesricht. Franz Griesricht had an old and wrinkled face upon a frail body. He sported a bald head with a smattering of liver spots and a long, ponderous white beard. The man smiled widely, showing several of his yellowing pointed teeth. "It is good to see you again my son, these are your brothers." He said whilst gesturing to the other men in the room. Viktor was happy, his want to belong being satisfied with his new family. He projected his happiness to all in the room, shocking several of the
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