Viktor Pain Factory: A Short Story

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The Viktor Pain Factory produces house paint in a mediocre town somewhere in Kentucky. A young man working an entry level job there decided today to bargain for a raise in his paycheck. He knocked on the door to the factory manager’s office. The manager invited him in and the worker proceeded to state his purpose for being there. The manager smiled and pulled out his new popular phone to check his files. Frowning, he shook his head, exclaiming the factory did not have a big enough budget to raise the paychecks of every employee there and he pointed for the young man to go back the work. The worker hung his head, thinking about the manager’s nice suite, new phone, and very expensive watch. Why was it that the manager was able to afford all these things along with his high end living quarters, but the…show more content…
Unbeknownst to him, the paint was permanently stained to his hands and face. The next morning all the employees stared at their very colorful boss in absolute confusion. Giggling to themselves about the absurdity of his story, they watched as the CEO and CFO of the company questioned the manager about where the lost money from the factory was going. From what they heard in glimpses of the conversation a blue haired man knocked on the CFO’s door very late last night claiming that one of the factory in Kentucky was losing money. The CFO had thought it was an absurd accusation, but just to be safe he looked deeply into the budgets of the factory and found it at fault. The manager lost much respect from his peers and the factory workers. He even lost his job that day and the new manager spent months saving money to buy the factory new safety equipment and promised the workers that in the next year or two they would get a small raise. Meanwhile, the Fairy Godfather went about his business visiting men of terrible report and shining the light of discovery in their dreadful

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