Vilemore Monologue

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Believe me when i say Vilemore is not a town, but a dome of the unknown. So, before you start reading be cautious. Just on the outskirts of Crionia, this small "town" lies there between a wall of mirage and lies. Seeing this town, it seems to be normal and everything goings accordingly, but staying the night people say otherwise. To people of this town, nothing here changes. The dull air in the morning with the strange lights, the eerie silence of the noon, and strange yet normal creatures and voices of the night. People believe this ghost of a town to be the line between insanity and reality, things seen here are normal to the people of the town, but to outsiders it 's unexplainable. So I advise you to be aware of your surrounding when reading because something to your dismay, just might be lurking in the shadows.…show more content…
All the people know of these creatures is they lurk in the dark because light burns them. These creatures see anyone with anything shining brightly as a threat and they very will kill you in less than a second, therefore running out with a flashlight wouldn 't be the best decision. Also, take into consideration that all lights possible would be shut off, so roaming the street with nothing, but the not so bright moons might also get you killed. The next weirdness of the night are the voices. A wave of voices gets swept the through the town like liquid spilling on paper. These voices appear harmless, but at a rate will push you to the deep end. People that have tried listening and understanding these voices soon go mad in a sense they don 't know right from wrong or up from down. Might I add that these voices are from voices from the gods above or so told? Be cautious when trying to listen, don 't listen to long or hard; you 'll go insane and you 're eardrums will

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