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Villa Astrid was designed by Swedish architect Gert Wingardh. He is one of the most current reputable architects in this country. Gert started his career as a postmodernist and further he formed his own expressed style which main idea is to integrate the building friendly into the surrounding landscape. His work is based on the typical Swedish sense of pragmatism, naturally and environmentally responsibility. So he has mostly tried to combine the high-ecological systems and high-technologies with organic style of architecture. For his projects is distinctive an increasing sense of space from the entrance where it is low to the large main rooms where the feeling is on the top. He has also focused to design buildings for natural comfortable using…show more content…
This courtyard provides sufficient amount of daylight in villa. The entrance is situated on the south elevations. Front door leads into the ground floor, where we can find reception rooms. When the visitor is coming to the house, it seems more likely lower and smaller, but if he enters something happens. The large open space includes kitchen and living room diffuses through wide glass wall into the lower central atrium. Suddenly the building appears twice bigger and quite spacious and this feature is very typical for Gent Wingardh. At first the architect was considering to cover entire courtyard with a black mirror with water on it to extend the overall impression. However the client wanted to use the atrium more practically, so finally was chosen wooden decking. The kitchen is connected with living room that continues to the elevated mezzanine working area from it is stunning view of the sea. Under this office space penetrates into the indoor a rough rock. People can also relax on the adjacent terrace on the northeast part of house with delightful scenery of surrounding bay. On the left of the entrance is placed a cloakroom and a lavatory. The dining room on the right part of storey is hidden behind a cupboard. And on the left side of the plan is situated parking lot and

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