Village Midwife Program

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The Effect of Village Midwife Program
The integration of family planning services into midwifery in other countries has been proven in increasing access to family planning information and services. For instance, a study from Cleland et al. (2014) showed that in Senegal, over 20 percent of women with unmet need is highly possible to reach through health integrated services including family planning and antenatal care. The issue of unmet need in family planning services refers to the discrepancy between women’s reproductive intention and their reproductive behavior, including contraceptive seeking behavior (Cottingham et al., 2012). The unmet need of family planning services contributes to 7.4 million disability-adjusted life years and
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Furthermore, some studies reveal an improved level of the uptake of contraceptive methods among women living in the villages who participated in VMP (Shrestha, 2007). According to findings from Indonesian Demographic Health Survey (IDHS), shortly after the implementation of VMP, the contraceptive prevalence rate increased to 57 percent in 2007 compared to 47 percent in 1991 and total fertility rate (TFR) declined significantly from 3.0 to 2.6 during the same period. Also, IDHS 2012 reveals a finding where the contraceptive prevalence rate still increases 2 percentage point for all contraceptive procedures and increases 1 percentage point for modern contraceptive such as IUDs and implants (BPS,…show more content…
Considering such issue, there are some recommendations related to the implementation of VMP to enhance family planning programs. Those recommendations are as follows:
a. Improving recruitment process of village midwives
The government should have clear selection criteria for village midwives such as required skills and working experience in community settings where the selection proses is held by the eligible individual/organizations.
b. Conducting more trainings for village midwives
The government should provide various relevant training for midwives to improve their knowledge as well as to update new contraceptive methods suitable with current condition.
c. Monitoring and supervising
Frequent monitoring and supervising are greatly important to ensure the sustainability and the availability of VMP with good quality of services for communities.
d. Improving integration and collaboration

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