Village Movie Isolation

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"Isolation as a Way of Protection" Sometimes people would rather walk away from their problems instead of facing them. Isolation is a way of feeling protected for some people due to their fear of being hurt because of bad experiences. Walking away and isolation are effective ways of avoiding problems, however, it will not change the reality of life and the good or bad that comes with it. In the movie, "The Village" directed by Shyamalan, the elders isolated themselves and their families in order to be protected from the real world but at the end, the movie shows the audience that people need each other in order to be happy or safe. Lucius helped Ivy when they were younger, but he stopped doing it because Ivy 's sister Kitty was interested in Lucius. During a conversation between Ivy and Lucius, Ivy claims that "Sometimes we don 't do things we want to do so that others won 't know we want to do them." Ivy is making a reference to Lucius being distant. Lucius isolated himself before being happy for the sake of Ivy and Kitty 's sisterhood. At the beginning of the movie, Lucius was distant to Ivy as if he were avoiding her.…show more content…
Social Isolation can cause mental and health problems. According to Lixia Ge the author of "Social Isolation, Loneliness and Their Relationships with Depressive Symptoms: A Population-based Study", isolation not only affects the social life of a person, it also has repercussions in their physical and mental health as she claims in her text: "Isolation has impacts on depression, which include being single, living alone, having a weak or small social network and infrequency of social interactions."(Lixia 2). Lucius has some of these characteristics as he was shy and not talkative. However, when he decided to stop avoiding Ivy, Lucius seemed more outgoing. It seems that social interaction is needed to have a healthier way of life. Interacting with other people increases the quality of life. People who interact with other people tend to live
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