Villains In Star-Lord, By Korath

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Earth,1988, a young boy named Peter Quill (Wyatt Oleff) stands agonizing outside his dying mother’s hospital room and holding a Walkman player with an awesome mix of ’70s pop hits his mother gave him. Peter steps into the room and is gets a wrapped box, what looks like a gift. “You open it when I’m gone,” Peter’s mother said, and then addresses her final words by asking Peter to take her hand, but he doesn’t, and she, as if in response to her son’s insult, immediately dies. The boy rushes worried outside into the bright night, where an alien spaceship takes him up for a life in outer space. Twenty-six years later, when Peter now know as Chris Pratt has grown into a muscular villain who calls himself “Star-Lord,” he will still feel kind a special passion towards his Mother, not because he refused to take her hand as a farewell, but because she left him that awesome mix tape. Far away from home, Peter (known as Star Lord) now roams the cosmos and soon comes across a special orb; a silver infinity stone that holds an incredible amount of power. Unfortunately, he 's not the only interested party and he is soon confronted by Korath (Hounsou) the right-hand man of one of the most villainous terrorists in the galaxy, Ronan, who wants to use the orb to overthrow a rival civilization run by Nova Prime. After managing to get away from the guards,…show more content…
It’s perfectly built into the movie that Peter Quill’s mother gave him a mix tape when he was kid, back in 1988 and that it’s the only thing he has to remember her after his abduction. Songs from this mixtape, all pop, soul, and rock songs from the 1970s, play throughout the movie and are symbolic of the tone the movie strikes. Quill is very much a human in the core of all these weird aliens and the music really drives that point home. He doesn’t deplore being taken away from his family, but he needs this music to feel like a
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