Vimy Ridge Capture

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The battle of Vimy Ridge was a defining moment of Canadian identity because it allowed the then relatively new nation to prove their strength, thereby bringing along a good deal of national pride and clearly established Canada as a formidable player on the International level. Vimy Ridge was the first time Canadians worked together as their own individual entity to accomplish a common goal. It was at Vimy Ridge that all four divisions of the Canadian Corps finally united under their Canadian-born commander, Sir Arthur Currie. This is significant because this battle would prove to be the first time that Canadians were presented with an opportunity to prove their unified might. Incidentally, Canada was able to capture Vimy Ridge — A feat that both the British and French had failed to do for several long…show more content…
The Canadian Corps took more ground, prisoners and guns than any other Allied attack to date. This monumental battle was unified the citizens of Canada by creating a source of national pride; the young dominion was able to accomplish what the Allies deemed impossible. Eventually, Canada’s record, crowned by Vimy’s success earned Canada a separate signature on the Versailles Peace Treaty. According to Veterans Affairs Canada, The capture of Vimy Ridge was the “most complete and decisive engagements of the Great War and the greatest Allied victory up to that time.” For this reason, the Battle of Vimy Ridge brought Canada into the international table, demonstrating Canada’s prowess. In conclusion, The Battle of Vimy Ridge was a fundamental part of Canada’s identity by uniting citizens in pride for the courageous soldiers and establishing itself as an impressive force to be reckoned with, even on the International

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