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The hard life of Vin Gage:
Personal Information about him:
His name was at first known as Phillip Hunter. His father 's name is Chris Hunter he was a Car Mechanic and his mother was a Nurse her name was Samantha Collins . His dad and her died when he was 8 years old. His mom was shot in a drive-by from the notorious gang so called " Ballas" as they thought she was somebody else while he was with her going to the supermarket since then his dying father told him :"Son, Life ain 't fair. So go get a job and get out of here because life wasn 't good for me nor your mother. So make proud kiddo." then he just closed his eyes and the police arrived and they said to him that after 2 seconds after they shot him and got away, he was dead.

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he is still hoping that he gets hired and protects and serves his town.
After all of that he decided to become retired from the L.S.P.D after serving for almost a year and took a shot and here he is making an Application to join the Bureau.
Some say that he is working on a song album about the Bureau, by thanking the Agents and fellow Officers of the L.S.P.D, he is still ambitious about his Career to this day.
Vin was noticed by his Hard work and dedication. That 's why the President of the United States officially handpicked him as his Security Chief and Body Guard, he served in the President 's keep for almost 5 years and then after a successful career in the Government, Vin decided to not stop at this Law Enforcement type Agency, he was so in to being a Protector and someone to count on that he decided to join the Federal Investigations Bureau. After a long very deep discussion with the Director himself, The Director took a shot with Vin and recruited him as an Intern, he is still going through the Trial as being an Intern onto his way of

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