Vince Carter: The Power Of Music

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Vince Carter is still in the NBA at age 40 working harder than ever. He never wants to retire until he legitimately cannot move fast enough on the court anymore. His passion is basketball and to this day it has run his life and had a powerful impact in it, enough for him to give his life to it. Almost everyone has a passion, but to the extent that that passion is in their life varies among the person. For Vince, that passion runs his life and is everything he thinks about, and that is also true for music in Beethoven and Katherine’s lives. Music is great to listen to, almost everybody can agree with that, but the way people use music is definitely the most amazing component of it. Music can be used to pass time, to have a good time, and also…show more content…
She is motivated and works day in and day out on her research for the book she is writing. She is always working and never rests almost as if her research cures her illness for the time being. Katherine’s work ethic increases as she now gives herself a purpose for the rest of her life to finish her work on Beethoven 33 Variations. The power music has to bring the dying Katherine out of sadness from the news to giving herself a purpose that makes her happy and lets her forget about her sickness is amazing. That point shows the sheer power of music because without music in Katherine’s life, she most likely would not have known what to do with her life and would have just waited until her death. That shows that music is not only for listening, but it can help a person forget about the inevitable, have a purpose, and make a person find happiness for her last remaining moments on Earth. Overall, Katherine is affected by music in the most beneficial way, and whether she knows it or not, music gave her purpose into the…show more content…
Beethoven knew his life was slowly approaching its end, starting with his hearing and instead of interacting and talking to people, he does what he loves which is creating beautiful music. What is also peculiar is the fact that Beethoven only has a certain amount of time left to listen to anything in the world, and he chooses to listen to the same waltz and make new variances of it. That proves how powerful and important music is to Beethoven, and the effect it has in his

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