Vince Lombardi: Characteristics Of A Visionary Leader

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When you hear the name Vince Lombardi, you probably think of the term winner. He was one of the greatest coaches of all time in any sport and considered a legend by many. His leadership style was one that many try to emulate. Not only on the field but also in the corporate world. He was years ahead of his time and many of his leadership lessons are still revered and taught today all over the world. Vince Lombardi was a visionary and ethical leader. He was a forward thinking leader and he did things the right way without compromising his integrity. In this paper we will review how Vince Lombardi displayed the characteristics of a visionary leader by using openness and individualized consideration to create a winning franchise with the Green Bay Packers. We will then review how he was an ethical leader by using the concept of free thinking and not falling in to the ethical trap of drive for success. We will also look at how these lessons can be applied to my leadership style. First we will review how he used openness to build trust and respect when he first took over as the coach for Green Bay.
Visionary Leader
Vince Lombardi had a vision of Green Bay becoming a winning team and by displaying the characteristic of openness from the change management lesson, he started to see that vision come to life. Openness is establishing a communication style that creates an environment of trust and respect (BCEE, 2017a). The team needed a big change when Lombardi took over as they had

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