Vince Lombardi's Leadership Style

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Based on the Keirsey Leadership report, my leadership style is commanding, and one of the representative of the commanding leader is Vince Lombardi. As a football coach, Vince Lombardi always coached players with purpose in his mind, and his purpose was based on discipline. Since Lombardi was the big brother in his family, and both of his parents were disciplinarians, he grew up to be a person with a strong sense of authority and responsibility. Therefore, I think the personality of a person is not only decided by nature, it is also impacted by the environment in which he or she lives. Moreover, I strongly agree one Lombardi Rule mentioned in the article, which is “Don’t just work harder than the next guy. Work harder than everybody else,” and Lombardi became a successful coach by carrying out this rule. While Lombardi tried to improve his career, he always remembered he wanted to be the kind of people who were honest, dedicated, and with integrity. Beyond all other factors, I think working hard can really make a difference when surrounding people are outstanding.
Another commanding leader is George Washington who is the first President of the United States of
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I believe that one lesson I learned from George Washington will definitely help my Challenge team and the ICORE Case team, which is showing care and respecting everyone in the team no matter what his or her role is, and trying to find a solution that contains everyone’s idea. I also know from Lombardi that once the whole team has agreed on a set of rules, it is important for everyone to follow the rule to keep everything in order. Then all team members will have a strong and connected relationship, which is helpful to bring our project to a higher level, since we all contribute to the
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