Vincent Van Gogh The Scream Analysis

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Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch are among the most renowned Expressionist painters of the twentieth century today. Their oil on canvas artworks is colorful, sensitive and above all expressive. ("Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch – The Art of Expression,"2012). In the Starry Night by Van Gogh and The Scream by Edvard Munch artworks, the artists perfectly blended both abstraction with realism, which called "semi abstraction”. Realism is a style when the artists use visual language to describe his subject, whereas abstract is when the artists uses that visual language in conjunction with subject matter to express his feelings or ideas. These two paintings are perfect examples of mixing abstract with realism and that what made their artworks…show more content…
Van Gogh's Starry Night is considered his most famous work and it characterizes his individual technique. The style of this painting is another example of mixing abstract with realism. I can clearly tell what is the sky, what is a mountain, and what is a building, and yet all of these objects seem to mix and swirl into one another in a way that they seem connected. The artist use of thick and flowing layered lines made the sky expands beyond the place. In Starry Night Van Gogh´s unique, thick brushstrokes are very much evident and there is a consistency to his technique that adds even more depth and texture to this work of art and made it look like a dream. This painting allows people to fly and…show more content…
The use of pastel was very bold and thick and that shows his reflected emotion throughout the surrounding scenery, which creates a symbolic plane for the expression of internal feeling. The Scream landscape depicts sunset; the clouds are dark orange. On the other hand, in the ’’ Starry Night’’ the sky bursts into blue, green and light green colors. Therefore the two paintings have different colors aimed at bringing out different messages. Van Gogh’s ‘’Starry Night’’ has more definite figures as opposed to Munch’s the ‘’The Scream’’. The human figure on the foreground leaves one wondering if it is a man or a woman. Each painting have a fluid brush stroke style which gives that distorted look to it and motion seems to be prevalent in each piece. Though the scream was supposed to show the sun setting, still, it’s ushering in to the dark. Both paintings are also inspired by true personal experiences by the artists. The paintings tell a story of the artist behind them, and this makes them feel so real. The paintings are connected in every way to each part drawn inside them. Both artworks are real life paintings that have landscapes, which depict human interaction with nature. In respect both artist and artwork are tied between emotion, expression, reality, and abstraction Thesis: The two artworks,
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