Vincent Van Gogh: Sevisited Ear

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Steely Miller Ms. Collins English Composition 111-22I Van Gogh Biography Severed Ear Vincent Van Gogh, born in Holland in 1853, was an impressionist painter who was notorious for his rough beauty, bold use of color and unique techniques. To some, he's known as the tortured genius who cut off his own ear. Vincent Van Gogh's ear is practically as famous as his jaw-dropping Starry Night. So, what makes someone go to the extent of severing their own ear? Could it have been the increasing alcoholism from manic depression, a chronic mental illness thought affects many creative people? Could it have been something else? The following report appeared in the Arles journal Le Forum Republican on December 30, 1888: Last Sunday, at 11:30 in the evening,…show more content…
The historians say that the real version of events has never surfaced because the two men both kept a pact of silence. Gauguin wanted to avoid prosecution and Van Gogh wanted to keep his friend, who he was obsessed with. Hans Kaufmann, one of the authors of the book, told a recent reporter from ABC News that "the official version is largely based on Gauguin's accounts. It contains inconsistencies and there are plenty of hints by both artists that the truth is much more complex than the story we've all known." He goes on to say, "We carefully reexamined witness accounts and letters written by both artists and we came to the conclusion that Van Gogh was terribly upset over Gauguin's plan to go back to Paris, after the two men had spent an unhappy stay together at the "Yellow House" in Arles, Southern France, which had been set up as a studio in the south. On the evening of December 23, 1888, Van Gogh became very aggressive when Gauguin said he was leaving him for good. The men had a heated argument near the brothel and Vincent might have attacked his friend. Gauguin, wanting to defend himself and wanting to get rid of 'the madman' drew his weapon and made a move towards Van Gogh and by that he cut off his left ear. We do not know for sure if the blow was an accident or a deliberate attempt to injure Van Gogh, but it was dark and we suspect that Gauguin did not intend to hit his friend.” Gauguin left Arles the next day and the two men never saw each other
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