Vincent Van Gogh The Great Depression

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Vincent Van Gogh was the greatest artist in European history. Someone who is the greatest artist in European history must have a life full of art and personal art work. They will have had to work hard to get recognized and must have put lots of effort into their work. They must have very important pieces of art and they need to have invented or created a fantastic new form of art. Although known for his sad depression and unsuccessful first attempts at painting, Vincent Van Gogh is the greatest artist in European history because he was ahead of his time with his impressionist paintings, he never gave up on his artwork, and his paintings are some of the most popular in the world.

Vincent Van Gogh was ahead of his time with his new techniques
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Vincent Van Gogh’s painting were always put on display (Naifeh 340). Vincent Van Gogh 's brother would have his work sent to him in Paris where he put them on display at the gallery. Right away Van Gogh 's work was put up for sale and hung up. Not all artists can say the same, even if his brother to help him. Vincent Van Gogh created an oil painting of the courtyard from the window of the asylum (Mancinelli 3). Vincent Van Gogh had bad depression and may have had other mental problems from the chemicals in the paint he was using. Even though Vincent Van Gogh wasn 't in his best mind and was in a tough place in life, he still created wonderful works of art. Vincent Van Gogh 's artwork goes for millions of dollars at auctions all over the world (Naifeh 842). At an auction in New York, Vincent Van Gogh 's portrait of Dr. Gachet was sold for 8.5 million dollars(Friedman). $82,500,000 dollars is quite a bit of money to spend on one painting, showing just how important Vincent Van Gogh 's artwork really is. If people are willing to spend millions of dollars for a single painting, the painting must truly be a great…show more content…
Granted Vincent Van Gogh 's works of art are treasured and worth quite a bit of money, he failed at his first attempts of painting and had terrible depression. Many thought his art wasn 't good. People just wouldn 't accept his new way of painting(Naifeh 913). Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his entire artesian career. However Vincent Van Gogh 's paintings are now some of the most expensive paintings in the world and are kept in the most famous museums. For example his “The Red Vineyard” is located in Moscow at the Pushkin Museum. Although Vincent Van Gogh had five siblings, he had terrible relationships with those around him. Those broken relationships led to abandonment issues, making his mental health worse. His worsening mental health put small, staggered stops in his progress with painting. However his mental illnesses are linked with what scientists believe to be “Nerve Storms”, that resemble fireworks during epileptic fits. This is seen as something that helped his vision for his painting “Starry Night” (Naifeh 762). Vincent also had a wonderful relationship with his younger brother, Theo. Theo was his financial support in exchange for his art. Vincent Van Gogh also continuously wrote letters to his brother. Proving that Vincent Van Gogh could still create amazing paintings even when his mind wasn 't in
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