Vincent Van Gogh Biography Essay

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The story of one of the best painters to step foot on earth. Everybody has heard of vincent van gogh at one point or another. People all know two things about him and that's that he painted starry night and that he chopped his ear off. But there is much more to learn about him, people thought he was crazy and the were right. Now he is one of the most respected artists in history, and has created many masterpieces in his career that most artists dream of.
It all started on, March 30, 1853, in Groot-Zundert, Holland. He was the first born son to his parents, who were Theodorus van Gogh who was a pastor and Anna Cornelia Carbentus. Before Van Gogh was born his parents were pregnant with boy but he died during birth. He had five younger siblings, two brothers Theodorus and Cornelius, the other three were all girls Anna, Elisabeth, Elisabeth. He was raised in an average middle class family. As he got older he got his first job and he went to work as a junior clerk in the art firm of Goupil and Company. There he would work for six years with his uncle. When he was working there he fell in love with his landlady's daughter but she rejected him like many others. His father
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When he was young he worked with his uncle and their job is mainly art, but there was someone who inspired him more than anyone else. That man was Paul Gauguin, van Gogh just loved his art. He even got to meet Gauguin in Paris 1887, at an art exhibit. While at the exhibit they started to talk about their paintings, they both liked each others paintings. So they would go on to trade one of his paintings for one of Van Gogh's sunflower paintings. Van gogh was also a very religious man,his father was a pastor. He was supposed to follow in his footsteps and he did just that. He went to school to be a pastor and then he worked as a pastor for a short while, but he started painting again and fell in love with it and kept painting for the rest of his

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