Vincezo Picardo

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On February 2, 2007 James Van Iveren, a “man [with] good intentions, dies by the sword” in a recent breaking and entering scandal. The author of this passage is reaching out to readers in Wiconsin, and others who are captured by the infatuating tile. They drawl of this passage is the rare and intriguing story behind the madness. A man who is home along hears, or what he thought he heard, was “a women being rapped.” While trying to do what he thought was right he grabbed a “Calvary sword”, broke into a neighboring apartment to save the damsel in destress, just to find out that it was a man watching an adult film home alone. The author comes across with a detailed explanation giving the readers facts for they ability to form their own opinions,…show more content…
When all of the sudden the neighbors stopped seeing Vincezo around no one stopped to check in on the disabled and alone man. They author of this article wants to express the shocking reality of this story. They’re appealing to anyone that is shocked by the initial title, along with James Iverens case, and the people that live in Hampton Bay, New York. The purpose of “Vinnies” story to be released is to bring awareness and to attach to the humanity inside of the reader. This is a story in which “Vinnie” is the “proverbial tree that fell in the forest” that no one knew herd or cared about. The tone comes across very factual based in comparison to James` case along with the interviewed feeling sorry and ashamed of what happened to Mr. Picardo. In both articles the authors credibility comes from the interviews, because these people were directly involved and quoted directly to show that the insanity of these crimes were factual and real. The contradicting factor of these two articles is where one man broke laws and acted in violent ways in order to do something in which he believed to be noble and right. Where as in the other article an old man dies alone and is not found for a year because the surrounding neighbors felt as though something was wrong but did nothing to help the helpless man. What if the people in Hampton Bay acted as though James did, could Vinnie have been found earlier or even
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