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1. Apple Cider Vinegar Trap. Apple Cider Vinegar has a lot of uses and that includes killing fruit flies. Gather the ingredients and materials for the trap: • 2 tbsp apple Cider Vinegar • 1 tbsp sugar • 1 liter water • Dish soap • Container Using the container, mix the vinegar, sugar and a few drops of the dish soap with 1 liter of water, make sure that you mixed the solution well and place the mixture on the area where you see most of the flies. The smell of the vinegar will attract the flies and once they come in contact with the trap you made, they will be killed because of the soap. It is best if you make and set up many of this mixture in different areas of your house where you think house flies are breeding. 2. Red Wine. Simply pour the…show more content…
Apple cider vinegar and overriped fruit combo. Since fruit flies are drawn in both apple cider vinegar and overriped fruits, there is no better way than to combine these two great ingredients to get rid of fruit flies. Simple mixed apple cider vinegar and an overriped fruit inside a jar, cover it with plastic and pinched in some holes. The flies will be attracted into the mixture and will drown once it comes in contact with the vinegar. 7. Yeast. How do you get rid of fruit flies using yeast? Pour warm water on a glass and fill it half-way. Add 1 tsp of sugar and pir in active dry yeast. Carefully mix the solution until it bubbles. Afterwards, cover it with plastic wrap and punch some holes on top so that the fruit flies can fly in. Just make sure that the holes are small enough to refrain the fruit flies from coming back out. 8. Bleach use. Using bleach can kill fruit flies while they are still eggs. You need to know that these flies like moist areas such as shower drains or kitchen and bathroom sinks. Thugh this might not really eradicate the problem since some flies may have breed deep within the drainage system, but at least, it can help lessen it as necessary. Before pouring bleach on your drainage system, it is best if you dilute it with a bit of water. Word of advice though, do not mix bleach with ammonia as mixing these two substances may cause a deathly toxic

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