Vinny And Joe-Boy Character Analysis

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Have you ever wondered how friendship works? Vinny and Joe-Boy are both characters in a story called “The Ravine”. They are 15 year old, best friend boys from Hawaii. They are going to a ravine to go swimming and to jump off a cliff where a boy named Butchie died two weeks and one day ago. Vinny and Joe-Boy are in many ways similar, yet are still very different. Vinny is scared of jumping off the 50ft cliff because that is where the boy died and Vinny is scared of heights. On page 12, Vinny walk down the cliff without jumping and he stood up to his friends he brought inner peace to himself. He did not jump because he was scared. Another trade of Vinny is that he is weak. He couldn't say no to his friends and could not stand up to his friends…show more content…
The author wrote Joe-Boy jump off the 50ft cliff man-style which means he had his face and body parallel with the pond. Which makes him brave. Joe-Boy told his friends what to do and where to go. He would tell Vinny that he is going to find the boy’s body, even though he knew Vinny would be scared.The author wrote that Joe-Boy told Vinny he had to go to the ravin. That is why joeboy is bossy. He told his friends what to do and how to do it all the time. He made fun of them and push them around. On page 4 and 5 it said he was making fun of Vinny telling him he was going to touch the dead boys and when vinny told him Joe-Boy to stop Joe-Boy said the Vinny was going to cry. Hawaiian is a similarity they both have because they both were born in Hawaii. The text says Starlene is the only haole. Another similarity is that they are both 15 years old. The author wrote that they were all 15 years old. They all are boys except for starlene so they have that in common. On page 3 it is that they all are boys except for starlene. Vinny and Joe-Boy are similar and also very differen. For most of the story Vinny had a hard time standing up to his friends. In the story Joe-Boy was bossy and push around his friends. Even though Vinny and Joe-Boy have many differences, they are still friends. Although Joe-Boy was controlling at the beginning, Vinny finds that standing
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