Violation Against Human Rights

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Description of Issue (Introduction):
Human rights is something that is given to everybody and if violated has the right to defend themselves. The rights to freedom of expression, to take part in the conduct of public affairs should be part of ‘human rights.’ Many citizens throughout the world view peaceful protests as a way to connect and communicate with the government. Citizens have the right to voice out their opinions through peaceful protests to satisfy the miscommunications or lacking of some sort in the economy. However, the government responds with harsh actions and are often not considered. Out of the many actions that are being done, police brutality is common during peaceful protests in many countries throughout the world especially
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This country made it so that every human will have the rights of speech, press, and fair trial. However, invading human rights during peaceful protests and recent arising police bruit has been severely occurring. Over the years the government has been trying to come up with ways on how to reduce the amount of violation against human rights.
Iraq- From the start, Iraq was a country labeled under the top 10 of “worst country for human rights.” Over the year of 2014, the ability to earn human rights was difficult as the situation turned out worse. The relationship better and the government and the citizens were not great. Throughout the year, the situation was made worse when Islamic state of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) took control cities. Sever violations were done by ISIS including abductions, mass executions, persecution of Iraq’s ethnic and religious communities. If one was found with a Bible or a different religion of some sort, they were often executed or sent to prison. In Iraq, instead of the government doing the job of providing citizens with a environmental committee,the have committed abuses including mass executions and kidnappings by security forces. Both the ISIS and government aligned Shia militias are using children under 18 in their forces which is not giving the children human rights they deserve and need. However, as bad it is, the Human Rights Watch states that abuses by militias along with the Iraqi security forces have

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