Violationer's Role In The Criminal Justice System

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When a crime is committed in the state of New York, the suspect is arrested and booked by the police. Within 24 hours of their arrest, the suspect will then be faced in front of a judge for the arraignment. During the arraignment the defendant 's attorney may enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. The judge then informs the defendant of their charges, misdemeanor/violation charges or felony charges, and whether bail may be set. If the defendant pleads guilty they are sentenced, if the defendant pleads not guilty then they go to court. Misdemeanor and violation cases are suspended from arraignment and legal matters are made and future court dates are scheduled. During court, the defendant may be found guilty and sentenced. Felony cases are presented to the grand jury. If the grand jury votes on an indictment, the defendant is then arraigned in Supreme Court (Appellate court). If the Supreme Court finds the defendant guilty the defendant is then sentenced. If the defendant pleads not guilty, they may go through a motions and hearings where they will go to trial and be found guilty, not guilty, or the case may even be dismissed.…show more content…
The court system is made up of different types of practitioners. Each criminal justice practitioner plays their own role in the system and each practitioner depends on what the other does. The hierarchy can impact a criminal justice practitioner by ensuring that each practitioner has a set goal. The hierarchy ensures that all practitioners are carefully planning, organizing and managing their cases. If a practitioner were to make a change or not interact with the other, the system would not function properly. We must follow case laws handed down by appellate courts because the appellate court have the final say over all cases. For example, no lower court can overturn a Supreme Court decision because the Supreme Court is the highest court in the

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