Violations Against Native Americans

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All discrimination, racism, and stereotyping against the Native Americans, was bound to happen the day Columbus landed in the Caribbean; after that it just went downhill. The English and French colonists joined the Spanish, and their colonization of the north-west was what led to the plight of the native population. Then the treaties started rolling over the native peoples, which at first seemed like good agreements, but then the treaties began to be violated. Some of the worst violations were made against the Cherokee Nation. The nation signed over 40 treaties with different groups, and one of the worst was when the Cherokee took the violation of a treaty of land with the state of Georgia to court, and the president at the time, Andrew Jackson, became the first and only to this day to go against Supreme court rule. That was a big loss for the native people as a whole; they could not be backed up by their own president, even if they won in court. The treaties just kept being signed and then violated. All these broken treaties led to the many replacements of Native tribes. The Natives were given land with no value, and they did not question anything because they feared being worse off than they were in the first place. When they were forced out, the settlers would not treat the Natives as…show more content…
For example, racist toys for children were made, showing the native people as being almost naked savages who were the aggressors in every battle with white Americans. The Natives were simply not welcome in the white society. They could not find jobs, and that made it very hard to make the population get integrated into modern society. Therefore, most of them have to live in the reserves to survive on the stipends they get from the government. This is still going on today and it ends up in a bad circle, with people who can’t move to new areas, because it would be impossible for them to
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