Violence Against Police Officers Research Paper

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American culture sees police officers as violent, unethical people after shootings. Although not all all people see police officers that way. Over time people and police officers have had conflicts, but recent conflicts have become more violent. Violence against police officers have become an issue because officers have stated that they feel unsafe at work. The society I live in has made police officers look bad. This is an issue because police officers are there to protect us. Another reason why violence against police officers is an issue is because officers have stated that they feel unsafe when they are in uniform. These men and women who work in police departments should feel safe at work because they have to make their communities feel safe, so police officers need to feel safe at work. Officers that work in police departments involved in shootings are the ones who feel targeted. One way we can make them feel safer at work and make their communities see the whole story on the shooting is by making departements wear body cameras. (Beck, 2016, p.6). These cameras can help reduce the distrust between police and their…show more content…
I have seen what has happened in Tulsa, Charlotte, and Ferguson, and I see that police may have used a bit too much force, although Ferguson was justified. After these shootings, protests ensued adding more stress to all officers across the nation because people could target them for just being a police officer. I have seen officers in gas stations and one day when my grandfather and I were in a gas station, a police officer was behind us in line, so I asked my grandfather to pay for the officers food. When the officer found out that we payed for his food, he told us it made his day. This has helped me accept the fact that even though people say police officers are not people, they are actually people who have feelings just like everyone
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