Violence Against Women Analysis

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favourably with their male counterparts in the society. When the women become as educated as their male counterparts, it makes it easier for a symbiotic relationship to exist between the sexes. Baram Alkali demonstrates through the character of Basheika problems encountered by the woman in the predominantly Muslim Northern Nigerian society about making a choice between her family and trying to earn a living outside the husband’s income. Basheika, a university graduate faces a stiff opposition from her husband when she attempts to establish a supermarket so as to enjoy some level of financial freedom. She damns the consequences and goes ahead to establish the supermarket with the assistance of Hajia Leila a typical example of a radical feminist…show more content…
Abdullahi argues that violence against women manifest in a variety of ways and may often times be culture specific. This may take physical violence, emotional violence, economic violence sexual violence or psychological violence. He further explains that physical violence may affect either the person’s possessions or the person himself or herself. It could manifest through such behavior as pushing, hitting, shoving, slapping, chocking, punching; on the other hand, a person could surfer physical violence through the loss of their prized possessions as they get destroyed by some other persons. Emotional violence is experienced when a person’s confidence is undermined. The person in question is deliberately humiliated, demeaned and threatened with harm. Economic violence results when a financially dependent partner is denied access to money by his or her spouse. In the case of women, they can get ensnared in a violent relationship because of the lack of basic human needs. Sexual violence includes violent behavior like forced sexual contact, rape, forcing a victim to have sex with others which may cause injury to the person’s sex organ. Psychological violence which is sometimes related to emotional violence but in this particular case the objective is to cause fear and disorientation in other to gain control. It is associated with three subclasses – intimidation, harassment and threats. Methuselah further explains that elsewhere; it is argued that violence against women occurs in three levels: the home, the community and the state. In the home, a woman may surfer violence through battering, by her spouse; in the community she is exposed to violence through rape, sexual assault and the commercialization of the female body, while the state subjects her to violence through discriminating policies which affects her. He noted that bad governance could
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