Violence Against Women: Video Analysis

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n the video 51 pretty shocking facts that make things harder for very women you have ever met, The facts that Laci had stated basically sum up what we’ve been learning so far in this term. For instance, Laci points out facts on feminism, victim blaming, rape, and on gender roles. A photo in the video caught my attention the poster said, “Men get raped. Kids get raped. Were their tits showing too?” Because it refers to why rape myth 's exist. In the video Like A Girl, girls and boys of all ages were asked to perform actions that are “like a girl.” They were asked to run, fight, and throw as demonstrated by the cast on how “like a girl”performance would look like or what it means to them. I felt like this video focused on gender stereotypes supporting the ideas that girls…show more content…
In Katz’s video, he talks about the bystander approach which was based on gender violence prevention. For example, Stewart mentions his confession about what he had witnessed growing up as child which was the domestic violence between his father and mother. Even thought Stewart had to intervene and get in between his parents he points out that children will find it impossible to talk about it. Therefore, the bystander approach seems to be promising on preventing violence. I feel like in Stewart’s experience growing up and having overcome the male stereotypes or in Katz’s opinion on violence against women as being a men’s issue it will definitely have an influence on men. For example, instead of standing against women more men might have the courage to break the silence, to speak up and to stand with women according to Katz. From what I understood according to Stewart is that “violence is a choice that a man makes” of which can be stopped and in order to stop violence among women and children according to Katz we need men to make a
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