Social Disorganization Theory

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Violent crimes are violations of the criminal law that requires violence against one person to another, which the extent of minor to major impact on society of criminal jurisprudence that has shifted from the past to today. There are two differences in the violence and crime. Crime can be any type of rape and homicide, but in fact where does the sense of violence come from as today. In the past nothing wasn’t homicide or violence, it was all about the different laws in different groups that were created and to be punished in the way of hate, the sense of integration or separation in the past. Today crime is in any type of way, but as a law enforcement, what makes a violent crime. Is it homicide, rape, torture, battery, assaults, negligence…show more content…
For instance, Sampson (1986) indicates that social disorganization may have an effect on youth violence through its effects on family structures and stability (Child.Gov,p1). The lack of control over youths behavioral and guardianship, such as influences in the communities as well. When there is no support the increase of crimes or violent crimes intend to evolve. In fact, Social disorganization theory suggests that slum dwellers violate the law because they live in areas where social control has broken down (Ncjrs.Gov,p1). That as long as society does not provide support and love the violence will continue in communities without these facilities. Finally, Most notably, they lead to negative emotions such as anger, frustration, depression, and fear and abusive can be a factor and the treatment from others can spike the interest of other concepts (,p1). The things that are implied in the youths everyday life or the events that have happened in front of them as negative cognition. These are the main reason why the crime is violence as other people look at it as labeling the violences to themselves. As well, one being taken care of or by other influences that any individual youth feels appreciated with. Which takes us to the environmental situations that can also be the factor to love and how one acts upon…show more content…
The concepts that focus on the mind to live a certain way and to make it the proper way. When hit or disrupt the mind from any internal or external factors can increase crime and, if not crime other factors in society. This can go both ways as good or bad. The problem is that once one set of crimes decrease, then another part of crime increase. That violent crimes is minor to major crimes of love one another, the environment of living conditions for the youth and the meanings and values that the youth had at that time as well the influences that are around the person, even adults too. The crimes that can possibly happen to humanity are love ones that has been mistreated by others, the environment as to where one has been taught in the situations of those outcomes, meaning to what they believe in and towards what they cherish and values to the subjects that means importances to them. Whether it is family and other factors that they

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