Violence And Violence: The Problem Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence refers to a behavior which involves emotional, psychological, physical, sexual or verbal abuse. This sort of aggression can hurt, damage, or kill a person. The problem of domestic violence is that while it occurs in every society, it is not talked about enough. In most cases of domestic violence, the weaker person, that is the woman or the child is attacked. According to Almosaed (2012), “The use and meaning of violence is connected with power. It is broadly the case that in most societies, social, economic, political and interpersonal power remains with men” (p. 200). Any form of domestic violence leads to physical, mental and psychological damage to the victim. The victim begins to blame themselves for the abuse. The main reason why the victim is reluctant to speak out is because the abuser builds a sense of fear in the mind of the victim. Other reasons which prevent victims from speaking out are that they feel that the abuser’s behavior is an act of love for them, or they feel that someday the abuse would stop, or just because they depend on the abuser to provide for them. This is the reason why awareness regarding domestic violence must be created. While domestic violence cannot be entirely eradicated from the society, there are various preventive measures that can be taken, such as funding by the government for domestic violence shelters, implementing strict laws against abusers and creating awareness among victims and the society to speak up and

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