Argumentative Essay: Violence At West High

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Violence: physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing. With social media and twenty-four-seven news coverage, today's youth witnesses many forms of violence. Not only do we see it on our phones, we see it at school. And for an unfortunate few, it’s viewed at home as well. When we come to school we should feel safe. It is a learning environment, and no one can learn with brawls surrounding them. Violence at West High needs to be more controlled and here is why. To begin, administration should want to crack down on violence just for the sake of their students. As a student, even if you’re not the one directly fighting you are still going to be affected by the fight. When fights occur, bystanders tend to be the ones that get affected, whether it be getting ran into to or getting hit on accident. In some instances students who aren’t even involved in a fight, get…show more content…
We have a large building to accommodate a large student body. With 1,700 students, it’s hard to keep an eye on everything, but I also don’t believe we are properly staffed with security for how big our school is. We have about five security guards for 1,700 students. That means for everyone 340 students there is one security guard. Now, I’m not saying the school should go and staff one hundred security guards, but ten, even five more wouldn’t hurt. With that all being said, the violence at West needs to be more controlled for the sake of our students, our reputation as a school, and our staff. The change may not happen in the blink of an eye, but I believe that our administration should enforce a no tolerance policy for fighting to help the process speed up. Students should feel safe at school and be proud of the school they go to. It should be the same for the staff. I hope Administration takes larger steps forward to make this happen sometime in the near
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