Violence: Causes Of Violence In Society

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Throughout time, violence has been increased in society, the numbers have shown that violent actions toward others, robberies, murders, among others, are alarming. The objective of the society is to find what has been caused this violence increase, nevertheless, it is a topic that has been a global debate, in which some people accuse different factors while others defend them. In addition, violence is a huge concept that contains many aspects, so it is difficult to create an exact definition that explains what violence is. However, it is important that people try to understand this meaning, therefore in a general term, society considered violence as a behavior in which a person uses physical or verbal aggression against another person to damage it. Furthermore, there are many types of violence such as physical, psychological, verbal, sexual and emotional, which are presented in media, for example: television, internet and newspapers, which are huge influence on people, so there can be considered also as factor of risk for violence in the society. Through time, other elements have been considered as causes of violence in society, among these are the video games. Moreover, video games were created since the early 70s with the intention to entertain people, not to make them violent. In addition, over the years video games were earned popularity, this was growing particularly with the development of the Atari 2600, which was the first commercial console in the world. This
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