The Cause Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence has always been a problem in society; the act has gone back since the beginning of time. When people think they have authority over another individual, or several people, they get what they want by intimidation. Men have had authority over women for centuries; women were trained to act weak and live powerless, and they were taken advantage of by men, especially by their spouses. However, the sense of power doesn’t always run through men. Women can also be the abuser towards their significant other. Many cases of domestic violence erupts from substance abuse such as alcohol or drugs, which make someone irrational. But, no matter who is abusing whom, this act is intolerable and astonishingly immature. The personal and intimate…show more content…
Many feel that will have nothing to support themselves if they report it violence because the abuser is the breadwinner. Others are scared for their actual life to tell anyone. There has been more attention drawn to the issue over the past couple decades, but only less than a century ago, victims sat in silence and if they spoke out about it, no one believed them and/or no one helped. Even now, there has to be laws just to make the police respond to these cries for help. This is mentioned by Julian Leigh in a book about the different viewpoints of domestic violence: “Because the police are often reluctant to become involved in domestic violence cases, more than half the states now require law enforcement officers to arrest those accused by their partners of domestic violence.” (Roleff 107). Usually, when abuse is reported, it gets dealt with. But many still won’t tell anyone for various, substantial reasons. Some being that they blame themselves for the unhealthy relationships, they have an emotional attachment to the abuser, and, if they have children, the fear that the abuser will take custody if they leave or report them. Domestic violence can be hard to recognize by an outside person because the victim might be isolated or can act like nothing is happening behind the scenes. Some may…show more content…
The abuser might have issues in which they take certain medications, or overdose on drugs; another might be an alcoholic. This can make a person very irrational and they can be angered easily. Because of this, they might take any bottled up anger out on their significant other, or children. “There are various possibilities for why a drink or drug habit is linked to violent behavior in relationships, but it is rarely the case that substance abuse is the only factor that precipitates violence, which is why seeking help with alcohol and drug misuse does not necessarily mark the end of domestic abuse, with many partners remaining abusive when abstinent.” (Substance
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