Violence Exposed In Melinda Sordino's Novel Speak

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Did you know that over 3.2 million students get bullied before they reach high school? This is why the novel Speak is a suggested book to start off high school for incoming freshman who may have felt violated in a way. Speak is a novel about a freshman named Melinda Sordino who gets sexually assaulted by a senior named Andy Evans during a summer party in August, which is why she had to call the cops. Doing so ruined her reputation and this incident had scar her. Her biggest problem throughout the book is to speak up or to tell someone this had happen, which is a common problem in today’s generation of teens. First off, Speak is a good novel for freshman to read because they somewhat relate or have a personal connection to what the narrator Melinda has went through. During her freshman year, Melinda Sordino has been through a lot of bullying and verbal/emotional abuse by her peers. The author makes it realistic enough for the audience to know what it’s like to go through her shoes.…show more content…
In the book, it seems that almost nobody reaches out to Melinda or notices that she is usually alone and is depressed. The way Melinda acts should be enough proof for some teachers to notice the fact that she has depression. Not even her parents show the least amount of concern. While the book does not pay much attention to the other characters like Rachel, Heather, or Ivy, it is still a recommended book for incoming freshman. To sum up, Speak does a good job reaching out to its audience, teaching them important morals, and is just a fun book to read.The book teaches teenagers that it is okay to speak up for themselves, which all minors should be aware of. This novel may deal with some controversial topics that readers might be sensitive to, it is still a topic that needs to be addressed to any kind of school around the

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