Violence In Adichie's 'Purple Hibiscus'

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Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus is not only express the story of Eugene’s violence but also institutional and national also. Aunty Ifeoma and other lecturers who are tracked by the Sole Administrator and they are harassed and thrown out of the system. Papa- Eugene family’s bitter experiences are co-existed with the society’s illegal activities. On the day of Pentecost Sunday carries two brutal incidents. The first incident is Beatrice miscarriage and the second one is the public execution of three drug dealers. Eugene’s arrogant beating of his wife and children at Abba for breaking the Eucharistic fast immediately follow the road accident. This accident happens at the checkpoint where a man in blue jeans. His car crushes into a half of its size. The story of Jaja of Opobo, who is openly, refused British imperialists controlling all the trade. After his exit, he never returns to his own kingdom. Jaja’s…show more content…
Physical violence 2. Sexual violence 3. Emotional violence 4. Psychological violence 5. Spiritual violence 6. Cultural violence 7. Verbal violence 8. Financial violence, and 9. Neglect Physical violence says when someone uses a part of his or her body or an object to control a person’s actions. Like Papa-Eugene controls his children’s actions and physical offence. The physical violence suffers by Kambili, her brother Jaja and her mother Beatrice. But this physical violence differs into two kinds; the first one is rage-filled and the second one is planned and deliberate. According to Foucault, Papa-Eugene’s violence is rage-filled violence (a feeling of violent anger that is difficult to control). This rage filled violence not particularizes Foucault’s Discipline and Birth, it uses for easy understood of Eugene’s violence. Eugene expects his family must obey and follows his commands. His dictator character cannot follow and feels difficult to live. He rules like a king and no one cannot enter his monarchy that his

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