Violence In American Culture

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When thinking of violence, most people picture a fight scene from a movie, or the latest news story on mass shootings in schools. Other types of violence are almost never part of the equation. While physical may be the most eminent form of violence, others do exist. Violence comes in three main forms: physical, psychological, and sexual, each with their own unique means of causing harm. People experience violence every day, and many suffer in silence because American culture has taught them that their suffering is not important. American culture has normalized violence through movies and lack of action in response to repetitive violent acts throughout the country. And this normalization has caused them to ignore the psychological effects that come from their violent culture. Violence has a reputation for being…show more content…
The dictionary even defines violence as physical acts to harm another. Physical violence occurs everywhere, even in schools and homes. Violence is normalized in America, so much so that “wife-beater” is a common term used to describe white tank tops. Americans use this term so lightly that they forget the toxicity of its meaning. By using this term, Americans are unknowingly promoting a culture where wife-beating is accepted and fashionable. In doing so, they are humiliating victims of domestic violence and teaching them that their suffering is normal. They encourage domestic violence by turning it into a catchy name for a shirt. In her essay, “The Wife-Beater,” Gayle Rosenwald Smith points out the danger of using the term so lightly, “It’s an odd name for an undershirt. And even though the ugly stereotypes behind the name are both obvious and toxic, it appears to be cool to say the name without fear of

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